Worksite light

WorkLite™ illuminates all worksites

WorkLite™ is the king of worksite lights. With its modern LED technology, it provides an extremely durable and efficient solution for worksite lighting during construction. Its installation is simple and does not require an electrician. All installation tasks and changes can be performed by a construction worker.

Strong and linkable WorkLite™

WorkLite™ is built to last. It can withstand hard impact and vibration at the worksite. The long-lasting and mechanically durable LED light source makes it possible to complete a five year project without changing the light source once.

Linkable WorkLite™ worksite light in a nutshell:

  • Long-lasting, maintenance free and energy efficient LED worksite light

  • Best light output on the market at 166 lm / W

  • Saves 70 % of energy compared to fluorescent tubes

  • Highly resistant to impact and vibration

  • Very good color reproduction

  • Pleasant work light, due to a steady spectrum curve and good color reproduction

  • Available in three voltages: 48 V and 110–230 V (compatible with voltages in different countries)

  • Simple installation does not require an authorized electrician

  • Steady light, which comes on immediately and burns brightly even in sub-zero temperatures

  • Meets EN 60589-1 and EN 60598-2-22 standards

  • 2 year warranty

  • Design protected for the European market

  • Designed and manufactured in Finland

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