WorkLite™ provides efficient worksite lighting!

Save energy without compromising light output!

WorkLite® installation does not require an electrician!

WorkLite™ LED

WorkLite™ – Carefree lighting for worksites

In need of worksite lighting?

TSR-Lighting – Turun Sähkö- ja Rakennustukku Oy manufactures high quality WorkLite™ worksite lights suitable for worksites of all sizes. Due to the reliable and cost effective LED technology used, WorkLite™ can withstand varying worksite conditions, vibration and impacts included.

WorkLite™ can illuminate even the most challenging worksite because its light is directed precisely where it is needed, without wasting a single ray of light. WorkLite™ uses COB LEDs as its light source (12-25 W). The light output of these LEDs is top class compared to the consumed energy!

The worksite lights are available for different voltages: 48 V (SELV) and 110–230 V. This means that the lights are extremely well suited for voltages used in different countries.

Finnish quality

WorkLite™ is the result of Finnish development. As a sign of its quality, WorkLite™ has been awarded the use of the Key Flag seal. In addition, the light’s body is fully recyclable.

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